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My research interests lie in Bayesian Artificial Intelligence, including causal discovery, game theory, uncertainty quantification, data mining and decision sciences. I specialise in Bayesian Network theory and modelling for prediction, uncertainty quantification, risk analysis and optimum decision making in real-world problems. I apply my research to a wide range of fields, for both academic research and industrial organisations, including sports, forensics, project management, medicine, property market, agriculture, software reliability, gambling and gaming.

I collaborate with organisations world-wide primarily in, but not limited to, the sports betting industry. I am also the founder of ; a website that provides free English Premier League football match predictions, since league season beginning August 2010, based on algorithms and models developed during my Ph.D.

NEWS! We are offering a full PhD studentship (covers fees plus bursary ~£16.5k/year) in Bayesian Artificial Intelligence for Decision Making Under Uncertainty. All nationalities are eligible to apply. Deadline for applications is April 14, 2017. Further details here.



Lecturer (Assistant Professor)
in Machine Learning and Data Mining,
 Queen Mary, University of London.
Decision Science Consultant

  published online, 19/02/2012
last updated, 16/02/2017

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